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How to get rid of a bad housemate
SUBMITTED BY John Romaine | View(s) : 260130
DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 18 August 2008

Getting rid of bad housemates can be as frustrating as getting rid of cockroaches. You can spray, bomb and smoke those roaches but when you wake up in the morning, they're still there. They get into your clothes, eat your food and leave messes everywhere they go. In this article we look at a few ways you can rid yourself of an annoying housemate.

Sit down with your housemate and tell them that the living arrangements no longer work. Give them a brief description of why and simply state that you feel it would be better for both of you to part company. Point out to them that if they lived in a smaller apartment or room, the bills wouldn't be so high.

If that doesn't work, and it probably won't, consider the utility and cable accounts. Are they in your name or your housemates? If they are in your name, then you can have the cable turned off and disconnect the Internet service. Unless both names are on the lease, the housemate cannot order service in their name. That may irritate them a little, but not enough to fly the coop.

Stop cleaning their messes. They probably have no idea how much of a mess they make, because you're always cleaning up after them. Don't do their dishes, pick up their clothes or touch anything that belongs to them. Take special care to keep all of your things in good order and wash all of the dishes you use. You can even buy paper plates and hide them so that when your housemate has dirtied all of the dishes they either have to do the same, or start washing. Start inviting your friends over, especially the ones your housemate doesn't know. Do this when you know your housemate is going to be home, and preferably sleeping. Have dinner parties, movie night, or a poker game. Point out that all of the clutter belongs to your housemate and apologize for their messes. This tends to be embarrassing.

Hide all of your toiletries, including toilet paper and feminine products. Bad housemates often don't buy or use their own things. Don't wash towels and leave them in the bathroom. Purchase a lock for your bedroom and keep everything put away. Keep doing these things for a period of time. If a long spell without entertainment, constant company and filth doesn't prompt your housemate to call it quits, then it may be time to get serious. As long as their name is not on the lease, tell them to leave. Before you do, pack their things in boxes and leave them near the front door. This may be a pain, but it can do the trick. When your housemate arrives, have coffee, tea or another beverage ready and have them sit down. Tell them you want them out and emphasize that it's better to do it in a friendly manner. Tell them that you would rather not involve the landlord or police.

Chances are, they will leave. Maybe not until the next day, but often they will go. If this still doesn't work, then it may time for you to cut your losses and leave, unless your landlord can do something to remove the housemate. If you are adamant about staying and having the housemate go you may have to call the police and go to court.

Original article may be viewed here.

Total Comments Posted : 78
SUBMITTED BY elizabeth runkey
DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 23 August 2008
worst advice ive ever heard. you need to be upfront and honest with a bad housemate. hiding things does not address the issue. I was just there myself

DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 23 August 2008
Hi Elizabeth,
Thanks for the reply. If you think you have advice or suggestions on how better to handle this situation you are more than welcome to submit an article or suggestion to us to have published on housemates.

Simply click on the link up top that reads "suggest an article".

Perhaps your advice may help others in this difficult situation.

DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 9 December 2008
MT house nm8 is a lazy smelly little man! i just want to live in a house with out him!!

SUBMITTED BY used and abused
DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 9 December 2008
bent over backwards for our housemate, who was to stay a year and a bit. after 2 months she is moving out (cant affort to stay) and refusing to clean. She been lazy and not lifted a finger to clean once, I suspect she has stolen food of ours, and shes had he friends over all the time. massively overweight and sits infront of a fan and eats junkfood all the time. its disgusting. Shes recently turned into a very high-and-mightly person.

trying not to think bad thoughts, and cant wait for her to get out.

no point being honest with these type of people, because being honest with them gives them insight into what you're doing so they can screw you.

SUBMITTED BY alison french
DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 3 March 2009
i think that all well and good if your living in share house where as im living in a boarding house where the actual owner live down stairs and the one flatmate thinks it ok to boss the other around i think it natural for people to fight but if there going out of there way to make life a nightmare then leave i would

DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 3 May 2009
well this is only some general advice on how to deal with those lil morons that are the bad housemates, you have to look at your own situations and think what would be the best option to choose for the individual your dealing with, i myself have a housemate right now, still living with us, who is a total nuisance, he leaves his food on the cooker to rot for days, his dishes are piling up in the sink ( i do touch them - i make the effort to move them aside, lately i topped it with a pack of his rotting tomatoes, so it would get his attention - it kinda worked this way ), he leaves his laundry hanging outside a few days a row ( not to mention he started washing his stuff everyday lately, i was like wth, is this all his? i started suspecting him that he brings his friends clothes to wash them, if the bill is gonna be high, i will make him pay his 'fair share' ), and worst he throws a party each weekend ( my boyfriend is working weekend, and he needs sleep, not just him cus there are students here who have assignements and dissertations to finish, as it's May ) after the first time we all spoke to him that he must let us know at least a week earlier if he wants to have a party, he didn't, last night he gave us a horror, i lost my temper and finally at 5 am in the morning, no sleep, i went there and starting yelling at him ( maybe not the best thing, but i know he's intimidated now, i heard him talking on the phone about this with his friends ) and told his guests to get the hell out of there, so they did. maybe not worth all the stress and throat ache but it helped to get at least a few hours of sleep, now we're thinking what to do next, we were considering an official complaint to the police, so that we have evidence of the situation, and then maybe go to the landlord and ask him for help, i even told the guy i will pay his rent and i want him out. Still this thing is not solved, cross your fingers for me plz!

DATE SUBMITTED : Friday, 15 May 2009
Well my housemate stole my car while iw as up north working on the mines. she wont leave. thinks that all my shit is hers, not happy. what can i do?

DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 6 July 2009
My housemate is a b!tch, she is the girlfriend of a friend of mine and my partner and we all live together. she doesnt lift a finger, constantly whinges and cries for attention. All our friends can't stand her so they never want to come around. She is so rude to me and my partner and what's worse is her boyfriend is constantly telling us that he can't stand her and wants to dump her.. But it won't happen cause she is wise to this and I hear her moaning like a banshee each night and morning in an effort to keep her boyfriend.

DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 26 July 2009
Not that this is a competition but I think just I might have outdone you all. My mother split up with her now ex in September 2007. They had sold their house and moved to New Zealand in 2002. So she packed up and came back to Australia in October 2007. She moved straight into my place while she goes through property settlement to get a payout. We are fast approching 2 years now and she still has not settled.

She is rude to my friends so I never invite people over. My relationship with my boyfriend broke up earlier this year and I wanted to be on my own so I could start over. I offered her 3 months rent free to find her own place and save for the first months rent on it. I also offered to cover the bond on said place and buy her the whitegoods she needs. She refused and said she would move in with my sister when her divorce settles. We are all still waiting. (Yep the women in my family are the first wives club).

Most recently she crossed the line and allowed my sister to use my laptop and internet (even after me expressly stating that she is not allowed) and also helped herself to my DVDs all while I wasn't home. Apparantly I shouldn't leave my things "lying around". In my own house???

World war 3 is going to break out. I will be telling her to pick a date now to move out or I will hand in notice on the place and get myself somewhere else to live so she will be forced to leave. She is not on the lease and for her to stay she would have to sign a new lease and the rent would rocket so much she couldn't afford it on her own. Enough is enough. This woman might be my mother but she has done nothing for me since I was at school. I am now 33 and she is 54. Who's the child?? Enough is enough.

DATE SUBMITTED : Wednesday, 29 July 2009
How do you get rid of a flatmate who is on the lease? We have the following yukky flatmate (he was thrown out of the Navy) at a share house in Johnston Street, Annandale.

* He hasn't cleaned for 6 months.
* He's snooped in my and the other flatmates rooms (I now have a lock on my bedroom door).
* He nags about us putting the rubbish bin out but he doesn't even use the rubbish bin!
* He used to use a pot scourer to clean the plastic bath tub so now its scratched beyond belief.
* He invited his druggie friend into our house and let him use our shower etc when he had body lice. We found out when we saw the body lice medication sitting on the vanity! And to make matters worse the yukky flatmate didn't even have the decency to clean the bathroom afterwards!!!
* There are always ants crawling around in his kitchen cupboard.
* There are always cockroaches in the hallway outside his bedroom.
* He has stained my rug in the living room with coke cola and hasn't even tried to clean it up.
* He ignores me and the other flatmate unless he wants to bitch about something thats upsetting him.
* He has really loud sex with his (ex)girlfriend and he gets upset when you ask them to keep the noise levels down.
* He has insomnia so bangs doors, cupboards, crockery etc and generally makes alot of noise in the middle of the night and he gets upset when you complain.
* He told myself and the other flatmate that we aren't allowed to do number twos in the bathroom toilet, we have to use the toilet downstairs.
* He has the volume on his TV turned up really loud and gets upset when you ask him to turn it down.

He is the most horrendous, disgusting, disrespectful, inconsiderate, self centered person I have ever lived with in my whole 12+ years of share housing.

How do we get rid of him?

DATE SUBMITTED : Wednesday, 26 August 2009
I live in a rooming house of 8 people in Australia, so we all have rent and bonds on our own rooms with no one person owning everything whom sublets. I live with my girlfriend in room 2 and 7 respectively of said house and among the various things the housemates do is: room 3 who is 32 and indian ignores my gfs existence unless he wants to know where I am, ditto room 6 who is also indian, has been coughing for the past 5 months without ever covering his mouth, was recently hospitalised for 2 weeks due to said coughing after his explanations of an allergy and bronchitis from pollution, aside from wasting water and downloading 3 films a day and then complaining the net is capped after 2 weeks; turns out he had Tuberculosis (wtf? in this day and place?) and still continues to cough without cover, my gf found out from room 4 who is a pharmacology student and was working at the hospital he was at and handled his chart; so we 3 are all getting tested for TB. should we find either of us have it we are reporting r6 to the department of immigration and having him listed as a carrier of disease. Compounding this is the girl from r1(with her bf but he's fine) who is positively poisonous, never cleans(even after using our pots and pans) and at any oppurtunity makes some derisive remark along the lines of "why is this kitchen always so fucking disgusting?" particularly if someone is in it. . Plus as the house is half Indian and half European descent each block wants the thermostat set to 20degrees euro or 30 ind. plus room 5 and my and I are the only ones whoever boither to wipe down the kitchen.

DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 15 September 2009
I've had 2 bad housemates. One was psychotic.

Best advice I can give is:

1. Give a verbal warning and explanation of bad behaviour and try to compromise
2. If the behaviour continues follow up with a letter reminding the housemate (keep a photocopy and a diary describing the warning and date the letter was given).
3. Follow up with a third note to the housemate warning that you have twice allowed the bad behaviour and that you will not tolerate any more issues. Give the housemate an opportunity to sit down with you and discuss if you want.
4. If you have to evict the housemate and they are likely to become aggressive. Leave a note tacked to their door advising that you have given adequate warning to them. Give them adequate time to move out. If they are paying rent on a weekly basis - 2 weeks is sufficient. Write in the letter the date they are to leave by. Make it a weekend. Call the police for police presence if required or alternatively invite over friends on that day. Your housemate is less likely to kick up a fuss if there is a crowd of people. Make sure any valuables are locked away and keep an eye on the housemate as they are leaving (the last person I kicked uot actually went into my garage and stole a road bike and a scooter when I wasn't paying attention).
Finally - ensure a locksmith attends your address on the day that the person is being evicted so that they cannot break into your house once they are gone. It is wise that whenever you have a housemate that you get a $300 bond which will cover changing the locks/cleaning costs in case this happens to you.

DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 12 October 2009
I live with my sister and a close friend along with another guy who came in mid-lease. He's a nice person, and is fine with cleaning etc but his personality just doesn't gel well with the rest of us. I find him uncomfortably creepy. He has a very violent sense of humour and tends to just stand around and stare without saying anything. Just the other night we went out clubbing and he came along and brought a toy cap gun, which he thought was hilarious. I, personally, was horrified as he tried to put it in my hand and wave it around to the bouncers. :S

His name isn't on the lease, and the lease actually ends in about 4 months. We have a few people who want to move into the room but I don't know how to...ask him to leave? I'm quite certain he is set on staying. Do the rest of us have any choice in whether he signs onto the lease or not?

DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 2 November 2009
Any tips to really anoy a housemate so much that they leave?

DATE SUBMITTED : Wednesday, 18 November 2009
I'm glad to see there are a few people out there having the same issues as me. My housemate is somebody I work with, he's been living with me for about five weeks and has been late paying the rent three times already. He's asked me four time for the rent details. He never cleans, I came home last night and there was drink spilled all through the lounge with no effort to clean it up. I tried not cleaning to show him how grubby he is but he didn't care!! I spent two hours cleaning Saturday just so I could live in the place.
I talks over me so he can tell me how great he is, he has ACTUAL rubbish in his room to the point that you can't walk anywhere and the smell is disgusting. The most frustrating aspect is the fact that we sat down before he moved in and he told me that he was a clean quiet and respectful housemate. Lies!!

I realize now that the only way to get rid of him is to front up and give him notice. He's quite intimidating but these are the times in your life where you prove your metal and have a little pride.

This won't be fun but god what a re leaf when he's finally gone.!!

DATE SUBMITTED : Friday, 20 November 2009
I am living with a silent house destroyer!!

It is just the two of us. We have been sharing for 9 weeks and I wanted to move out after 1week!!

She is ok in general - we are on the same couse. When I moved in she was quite chatty butwhen it got to 10pm, she constantly said its her bed time and she must go to bed. That was the first few days. After that she lived in her room and never spoke to me whilst in the house but did when we were in or on the way to uni. This I found really odd and quite hurtful.
At this time she did no cleaning at all and I did it all for about the first 2-3 weeks. By week 3 I was miserable and we ended up having a bit of an argument... mailnly due to my lack of confrontation skills! She had asked me to do a cleaning rota by now as she had noticed I was cleaning and she wasnt. I did one and she ignored it... why aske for one to be made if you aren't going to do anything. Anywho, I'm a social person and she is self sufficent. I wanted to share a house for the company and she just wanted to know there was someone else there!!! This has really got to me!
So 6 weeks on, she does a bit of cleaning when she can be bothered - leaves the clean dishes in the sink for days and shuts herself in her room and talks only when we are going to uni. She also won't cook if I am in the lounge, if she is cooking and I come down she shuts the curtain (the kitchen and lounge are almost one, the curtain can be pulled accross to separate the two rooms.
I was supposed to be living with the land lady and had made a trip over here to make sure that we got on.. then she was gonna loose the house so got my roomate in - I found out once everything was in place: about 2 weeks before moving!
I was bothered about not knowing who I was gonna live with and I now feel really stuck. The land lady is lovely and we would have got on well (and do I asked to talk to her yesterday and we met up today and both cried about it!)
Do I stay or do I go? I've looked around and there isn't much about now, like there was when I looked in early october... The places cost more to rent and need to be furnished and I don't have the money but the stress and sadness are affecting me and my studies.... ARGH!
My landlady and I both agree that there is no point in talking as we both talked to her in the past and have realised she has no concept of seeing things from someone else's shoes and is so set in her ways it will be very hard to change.
I feel so alone - my family and fiance are MILES away, and I feel so terribly sad but I can see the stress in my landlady's eyes.....

DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 23 November 2009
Neleh, you need to go! There is no prize for being unhappy just because your land lady is lovely. You are studying at uni which is going to set you up in the direction you want to go in life, so don't let someone negative occupy your mind and ruin your wonderful years at uni. Keep searching for another place, you will find it. Why not place a 'room wanted' ad on this website. Good luck and make yourself happy!

SUBMITTED BY Creeped out
DATE SUBMITTED : Friday, 4 December 2009
My friend and I were living our lovely little lives until we got our new housemate.
There is nothing particularly wrong with him, but he is making my life a living hell!! His personality does not gel with mine. He kinda gives me the creeps... He spends all day in his room, doing who knows what!!???? He doesn't have a job, so all he does is hide away in his room. He studies, but he's been on uni holidays for some time now and he doesn't do a thing all day. My other housemate and me are gone most days at work or doing something or the other, but he has no friends, no job and he gives me the creeps.
How do you kick someone out that you just purely don't like. It's getting to a point now that I'm close to tears when I come home because I do not like him one bit.
There is nothing that offensive or nasty about him, but because of his lifestyle and personality, I find him unbearable to live with. He doesn't like music, doesn't watch movies, what on earth is he doing in his room all day? AND he downloads a ridiculous amount on the internet!! I'm just praying that it is not copious amounts of porn!!
He genuinely does scare me to the point where I have googled his name to see if he is a wanted man in England (which is where he is from). How do you kick someone out and then still have to live with them for a month after you have told them that you don't like them???

DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 28 February 2010
ok, my flatmate is a 23y.o irresponsible child. living with us, to him is like living with his parents, all areas are usable, all consumables are his too, and pretty much any bills, dont get a look at. for 5 months ive been waiting, no, counting the days rather, till he leaves. 5 months ago, we asked him to leave, he agreed eventually, then on the last day, the bombshell.' oh, i bought a house, it will take 3 months to settle'. WTF??? seeing as i have no legal right to kick him out, naturally he is still here. yesterday was the day he was meant to move, and on firday he said the house hasnt settled yet, and he needs a month. its putride that i have to accept this legally, and its a disgrace there is no tentant-to-tentant protection in this country unless fists are thrown or whatever other form of violence occurs. i have read every comment on this page, i cant comment on any of them as im still stuck in this situation myself too. what i have noticed is everyone asking for help, and none offered. i am writing this with no confidence of a solution from legal bodies, or even this site, but i have to try, please, someone provide some help to us all. ui have been researching for days now, and i have found no legal body willing to offer a solution to this, other than a solitior to puruse a civil resolution. this is a serious matter, and seriously, there are hundreds of idoit, violent or disruptive co-tentants out there, that we all want gone, but how to go about it without ending up in gaol seems to be impossible. PLEASE HELP THIS IS NOW UNBEARABLE, i cannot trust him around my belongings, (which 60% of the place is furnished with my stuff), nor can i can i trust him around my cat, which is an iside cat ONLY, and he let him out a month ago which costs me 3 hours of misery until he was found.

DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 8 March 2010
Mine and my boyfs flatmate is our friends now ex girlfirend, it started off fine she told us she was clean and tidy.

when we finally moved in together she became filthy leaving her clothes make up wet towels everything everywhere, never washes up, lets her dirty clothes pile up, constantly has her friends round at all hours. started smoking inside always drinking, when its her time of the month she leaves the bathroom in a state to which i have to go in and clean up as i dont want my boyf to feel uncomfortable.

and this weekend she not only beat the shit out of one our closest friends ina nightclub with her work mayte they ganged up on her, she always had the nerve to invite people back afterwards and the beat the shit out of her ex which is another good friend, shes turned completley physco and i dont know what to do her chavvy mate is always round, they go through so much stuff which we are always replacing, but she wont leave. as her name is on the lease as well.

SUBMITTED BY bidingmytime
DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 4 May 2010
I live in a house with 2 other housemates and our landlord who has his own bedroom lounge ensuite. My food is stolen by my landlord says ohwell its just milk/bread/fruit/everything not bolted down. One of the other tenants a female uses my stuff from the bathroom(i hide it now in my room) and has deliberately thrown out stuff when i asked her to not use it, including my own personal towel (gross). She has slept with one of the other housemates (who no longer lives here) in the first month she was here likes to sleep around and is now 2 timing her bf with the new guy who has taken over her former fuck buddies room. Did i mention shes a binge drnker?. I have watched her cook meals for her multiple men who stay here but i haven't once seen her take half as much care in preparing a meal for her child. its sad. I had threats made against me because i complained about the drinking and noise the tenant who threatened me left because i got an intervention order against them I'm at the point where i have my own fridge freezer and kettle and they can start buying their own foodstuff from now on. just want nothing to do with them.

DATE SUBMITTED : Thursday, 6 May 2010
Sometimes in these situations the best thing to do is just move out and leave them to it. Yeah people say that goes against the principle, of that you have done nothing wrong..


A week or 2 of moving or live with someone who treats you like dirt? The 2 weeks of moving is far less stress, its common sense really.

SUBMITTED BY coconut milk
DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 12 June 2010
yeah, the last time we had a good talk with an errant housemate (think, late on rent by 2 months, prohibits us fm eating beef anywhere at home because of his religion, used to have his friend come over to cook, doesn't do anything around the apt to clean up, you get the picture), he went out to the apt management office and informed them we were planning to move out and signed the application to take over the lease of the apt fm us. so much for talking, some ppl deserve to be evicted without warning.

DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 19 June 2010
My house mate and I have been living together for about 2 months now, and up until last Friday everything was fine. Then she brought this guy home.. and he pretty much hasn't left since, it's been 8 days. She met him on the Friday at a rodeo and brought him home that night, she sent me a text letting me know there was a random guy in the house. I have a boyfriend who has slept over twice in the whole 2 months we've been here, and we have been together for 6 years. I thought if I was courteous enough not to have someone who doesn't pay rent sleeping over all the time then she would show the same courtesy, apparently not. They stay up late and keep me awake at night then make a whole bunch of noise at 5 in the morning when he has to leave for work. her room is right next to mine so you can imagine what i hear. She hasn't spoken to me about the arrangement but I noticed today a whole bunch of his clothes here. They haven't mentioned anything about him paying anything towards rent. How long should i wait before i suggest that he needs to pay rent if he is practically living here? I could put up with their crap if we were splitting the rent 3 ways instead of in half.

SUBMITTED BY wonderlust
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 20 June 2010
Simple Solution: rent a place with an existing buddy or rent your own place. Don't live with randoms. Problem solved.

DATE SUBMITTED : Thursday, 5 August 2010
I recently moved in with my boyfriend of 18 months. I was a bit hesitant at first because he lives with his sister. I agreed in the end because she appeared clean and had her own life/friends, and he assured me that it wouldn’t become a problem.
In the last couple of months things have gone downhill. So much of what she does is just taking full advantage of my bf and the fact that he took her in when she had no where else to go (what are brothers for right!)she does a load of washing EVERY day and puts the dryer on EVERY night – despite this all the bills are split equally 3 ways..... further to this she rarely buys her own food, instead she will wait until I have cooked, and mention how hungry she is so that I feel obliged to offer her a meal. This would be ok, but she has NEVER made a meal for us in the entire time I have lived there – when she does cook, it’s for herself only. The alternative is that she eats food my bf and I have bought and says she will replace it - however this might be a week later, if at all!
She doesn't clean up after herself - her sh*t is left lying all over the house, in the lounge room, the laundry, but her bedroom is always kept immaculate (because her crap is everywhere else!). As for dishes, she will eat, cook and then leave her dishes on the sink for days. I have tried the whole, only clean the dishes that I/my bf use but if that's the case dishes are left on the sink for over a week.
She only works part time hours, so she is the last one to leave in the morning and the first one to get home in the afternoons and can't even do little things like take the garbage out, or rinse the breakfast dishes on the sink.
We recently had the internet put on and she said at the time that she wouldn't be putting in for it because she would never use it - recently she has been on the internet EVERY night - downloading music and videos and to this day has never put a cent towards the bill - I pay half and I can count on one hand the amount of times I have used the internet at home.....
My bf and I will be heading out or making plans and she will ask to be invited along. We have had friends over for dinner, and rather than get the polite hint, she will stay home, eat the meal I have prepared and drink the wine I’ve bought and not even offer to do the dishes after dinner!!!
The whole situation is putting massive pressure on my bf and I, and she moves about the house like she has some god given right to be there. If she was just some random housemate I wouldn’t have an issue speaking up, but what do I do when it’s my bf’s sister?

DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 4 October 2010
if you are both on the lease and your housemate is not pulling their 'weight' what can you do to get them out?

DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 5 October 2010
The lease is a legal arrangement between you both and the landlord. One of you has to be willing to take your name off the lease and the landlord has to agree to it. If he/she agrees to let one of you out of the lease, he/she needs to have a new lease drawn up. Otherwise you will need to wait for the lease to expire. Both parties have a financial obligation to the landlord. If one of you doesn't pay the rent, the landlord can go after the other regardless of whether they live in the apartment or not. All in all it requires an agreement between you both then in turn the landlord needs to agree. Cheers and good luck.

DATE SUBMITTED : Friday, 15 October 2010
What if you have moved in, and given bond? How do u move out and get your bond back? If they say they need to find someone else before you can move how much notice do I need to give?

DATE SUBMITTED : Friday, 15 October 2010
Depending on your situation, if you are on a lease and all paid bond to an agent, then best to speak with the agent. In a perfect senario the new housemate will pay his share of the bond to you (if you have looked after the place and paid up) and then ad his name to the bond authority in place of yours. All housemates who have paid part of the bond will need to sign a 'change of shared bond arrangement ' form adding the new housemate's name then give it to the agent to send off to the Bond Authority. If you need to move out before another housemate is found you will need to either make an agreement with your housemates on a time frame then have them give your part of the bond back when you go or speak to your agent for advice. The bond authority will not return a part bond. I hope this helps a little. Go to the Residential Tenancies Authority in your state to confirm the above. Cheers and good luck.

DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 18 October 2010
Sometimes there just isn't a best case senario. My old housemate Zoe was lovely when she first moved in but after a while we started to notice that she wasn't to fond of eating. And bit by bit she made us feel bad about cooking or eating around her. "ew gross what the fuck are you eating" doesn't make you feel like eating a sandwich does it.

She was clinically depressed we found out and was in constant need for reassurance. She mother was also a problem, always at the house and telling us what to do. Zoe managed to scare away my other two housemates, both my best friends. It gets worse, she was a self multilating, tried killing herself and was often talking of all the ways she could die. No wonder people didn't like being around her.

So he brother moved in to see if he could help her out. But he just enabled the behaviour further. She finally agreed to being committed. Her brother moved out as he couldn't take it anymore and I was hoping she'd come back a different person. No such luck - 3 months away and she knew even more ways to belittle and insult you (bitches in the mental ward did a good job at educating her).

I had repeatedly told her family that her behaviour was not fair on the other people living here and that she was a danger to herself. They told me that I was full of shit. How do you deny the fact that she's trying to kill herself - either through starvation or any other means possible. When you are in constant fear of coming home to a dead or dying housemate home doesn't appeal to you anymore.

She eventually left after my boyfriend let her cat out the house and she cracked the shits. If only I'd known 2 years earlier. We didn't speak for the 3 months leading up to this. She left us with $600 worth of bills and room damages.

And the Residencial Tenacies Authority could do nothing - we were on a lease together and they told me that by asking a person with mental disease to leave I was discriminating. What a load of shit. I constantly told myself that she was sick and excused her behaviour. If you ever have even the slightest hint that you could be living with someone like this get out as soon as possible. People don't change - even if you talk to them a million times.

DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 25 October 2010
We have an issue with a current room mate who is bulling over the internet, not cleaning up after herself, leaving the doors unlocked during the day and night, having a spare set of keys made up to give to one of her random male friends, hiding the new leases that we had to sign. We don't want to move. How do we get her out without trouble from the landlord?

DATE SUBMITTED : Wednesday, 3 November 2010
Well, I have a housemate but doesn't pay rent she was supposed tobe out already still her things are here. I have found like 5 or more items that belong to me in her room. my family and I were nice enough to take her and her girls in and all she has done is take my items and stolen money, but i don't want to be mean, but can i pack her bags for her and not look like i'm being such a butt. I want the rest of my items back that she has but what if she says she doesn't have anything?

DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 25 January 2011
Seems like there are so many bad housemates out there. I live with a couple who leave rotting food around the house for weeks on end, piles of dirty washing in the general vicinity of the washing machine (for weeks on end), have loud sex (for hours on end with over the top porn star sound effects), haven't paid rent for 2 months and run multiple TVs at once (for days on end).

So, I stay in my room and try to avoid all contact so I don't spoil the surprise of their impending eviction. Maybe if your housemate stays in their room all the time, avoiding you, it's because you are, in fact, the bad housemate ;).

I don't understand why sharehouses are frequently such disgusting nightmares. It must be some kind of human response to shared space - probably why Communism didn't work.

DATE SUBMITTED : Friday, 25 March 2011
So, my partner and I have just bought an bedroom apartment together. The place is lovely but its not a big place. So we already have a room-mate. He is driving me to the point of insantiy.

Everything started out good, he seemed to keep to himself, seemed clean, but its all gone down hill.
He will not clean anything. Will not clean the bathroom, kitchen, vacuum, NOTHING. I have a lock on my bedroom door so when i work everyday i know my laptop and internet are safe. I found out he picked the lock to use my internet. Left it running and it ran out of credit. He wont pay it because "hes a student and has no money" What ever.
He cooks and leaves everything splashed on the walls, leaves dishes. Depsite the fact we have had the place fumigated 3 times, he wont listen.
The worst part is...
My partner of 36months works in the mines and is only home 1 week out of 3.
When he comes home, this guy actually cleans! So when im trying to talk to my partner about it he thinks im making shit up and over-reacting. I really dont know what to do. Im so over it all. I feel like im at a dead end.
Any advice?
I have told this guy to his face more than once. He takes it as a personal attack (which at the moment it is) and huffs off!

DATE SUBMITTED : Thursday, 31 March 2011
Can anyone give me some advice please. I live in Victoria.

I am on a lease. The other two house mates are not. It has gone Past the point of reconciliation. I have asked house mate 1 to leave. She has called landlord. He has called me and told me we are all on lease and have equal rights. This is incorrect. He does not want to be involved

The other housemates boyfriend has been living here for 2 weeks and 4 days after telling her it was not acceptable for him to stay longer than 3 days.

I informed land lord. He sent text message to all housemates explaining that no one was allowed to live in the house without his permission. Soon after I received a msg for the housemates saying he had approved her boyfriend living here for another week.

I asked him if the msg was a joke and he said it was true

Legally what can I do to end this situation. The lease has another 5 months on it.

Has anyone used any of the mediation services available in Victoria and had good results?

Please help. I have spared you the gritty details of this breakdown and tried to keep it as short as possible. Unfortunately the landlord has not helped the situation with his interpretation of how a lease works

DATE SUBMITTED : Thursday, 31 March 2011
Hey Jamez, the best thing to do is to contact your Tenancies Association in Victoria as they are for the tenants. As I see it, if you are the only one on the lease and the others do not have written permission to be there, you have the right to ask them to leave and they need to ablige. If you are with an agent then they need to get involved and assist you to sort it out. If there is no agent and you are renting directly from the owner the Tenancies Association may find a discepancy in the lease and if so it may be enough to release you from it. See how you go and good luck.

DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 10 April 2011
Hi Lyn

Thanks for the reply. I have sought some legal advice but have not received the answers I'm looking for.

Concerning the lease I hope to continue living here after the end of the lease the house as I worked very hard to find this place and is completely furnished with my possessions. Theres a lot of stuff it took me two weeks to move last time

The land lord has approved of the girls being there through text message. Does this count as being in writing?

The girls have said they are moving out after we had a chat. They cannot put a date on it so once the rent is paid for the next month this week I will be serving them an official 28 days notice.

How can I enforce the 28 days notice if they physically refuse to leave the property?

What is the process required to initiate this happening?

Legally can I remove their items from the house and change the locks?

I have spoken to the tenancies association and they will only deal with matters between landlords and tenants. Not tenant and tenant

On the spectrum between tenant and licensee they are leaning towards being licensees.

I have had one full packet of cigarettes stolen from the desk in my room and half a packet stolen of a table outside. Should I involve the police in the matter?

Any help is much appreciated

SUBMITTED BY convict79
DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 3 May 2011
Some of these bad housemates sound just like the one I have asked to leave.
He was working on the mines FIFO so it sounded pretty good. Everything started off OK, he paid the bills on time, cleaned when he was home and cooked me dinner once a week on the week he was there. We did have a fling and that is when things got weird.
He kept cracking on to me despite all of the times I told him no, I wasn't interested and I thought he was mature to handle it. He wasn't. A massive mistake on my behalf. Things were better for a while until he was put off work for 6 months. He became lazy and did my head in. He finally went back to work and things were kind of OK again.
But last october he lost this job for good and has been home ever since. I found out last year that he didn't renew the direct debit into our landlords account so he was actually 10 weeks in arrears. I made him set another direct debit again but he started to cry because he had to pay $1750 in a lump some and $5 every time the money comes out (he is tight fisted depsite what he earnt).
When he was sick he called me at work and asked me to be at home. When I asked why, he said his dad was coming over from interstate and he was staying with us. I had never met his dad and he was prepared to have this man stay in the house with me whilst he was in hospital and I didnt know him. I don't begrudge someone wanting their family when they are sick but if they are coming to stay, a discussion is always a good idea.
We went halves in a small freezer which he left open whilst I was away on holidays. I lost $50 worth of meat so when I asked him to replace it, he said he would give me $50 if I bought him out on the freezer. He doesn't chip in for any house stuff like that "because we are not partners".
He has broken so many things in his time here - plates, DVD player, brand new hoover and a fridge shelf that he managed to snap in half.
My family and friends initially liked him but now they hate him and generally will not come over anymore. When I do ask them, the first question they ask is if he will be there. They have all discribed him as odd, weird, freak, strange, predatory, drongo, thick, sleazy and other such names. That is hard for me as I am pretty socialable and always had people over and my ex-housemate was the same.
He doesn't know how to give me space and when I friend came out from England (she was only in Perth for 4 days) he sat in the middle of us whilst we had a girly night in.
I give him and his friend space but he never returns the favour.
I finally cracked and asked him to leave after I found strange stains on my bed. That was it, he goes in a month whether he has a place or not!

DATE SUBMITTED : Thursday, 12 May 2011
What a wonderful forum to be able to vent-out our frustrations about Bad Housemates. I live in a 2 bedroom terrace with my wife. Rent's a little too high so we decided to rent out the other room – generously and with ALL BILLS INCLUDED. The dude who took the room seemed genuinely nice and his work involved weekends away (bonus). Then his girlfriend started 'visiting'. These 'Gleaners' are both in their twenties and we are in our med to late thirties. No biggy but enough gap to be annoying. Especially when everything to them seems to be just one big laugh.

The 'Gleaners are happy to kick back in a clean house; but not clean themselves. The dude has even cut a set of keys for the girlfriend without asking us. She lets herself in the house even when the dude's not home.

The Gleaners are happy using my personal computer though no arrangement verbal or otherwise has been made. This happened for several months until I finally said enough!

The Gleaners are happy using the Parking permit which he didn't pay for: After 6 Months of abused generosity, I said to him to either give me some money for it or give it back.... he gave it back WITH NO THANK YOU!!!

The Gleaners are happy using consumables in the house including foods. We are happy for him to do this but he doesn't replace or contribute.....

So... the lesson learned. Live on your own if you can afford it. Better still; buy your own house. If you are sharing; have clear boundaries from the start and fuck Generosity .... it will get abused.

PS.. To all Gen Ys... We don't owe you a living!!!!!


DATE SUBMITTED : Friday, 10 June 2011
I live with my girlfriend and pet dog and started renting a room to my best friend from school (known him for about 15 years).

I never knew what type of person he truly was until he moved in... he is an absolute slob - he will go for a 14 mile run and come home dripping of sweat and just go to bed without showering. as I walk past his room I can smell stale sweat/filth even with the door shut. When he opens his door, there is no space on the floor - his wardrobe must be empty as the entire floor is covered in clothes and every surface in the room is covered with receipts, change, empty foot packets, bottles etc.

He does nothing but eat, drink, sleep, run and shit... it's awful but I truly despise him.

I have started working from home and since he works on shifts/rota's he is frequently roaming around the house and being a nuisance. I am saving up to buy some office equipment (desk, new computer etc) and once I do so I am kicking him out and turning his room into an office.

DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 28 June 2011
This forum is for venting frustration on troubling housemates, Geo, not having a dig at "all Gen Y's" I'm sure there are lazy, rude and ungrateful people in your age group as well.

Anyone know how to ask someone to move out but retain the friendship? My partner and I need our own space but our housemates are friends and we don't want them to feel we've "kicked them out".

DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 5 July 2011
I have a tricky situation. I allowed a couple that I had known for some years to rent my spare room. I charged a 'couples' rate, which I've done before. The woman had stayed with me on and off over the last few years, this time it was her and her husband. It has proved quite challenging as the couple 'took over' - this is the short version. With less than a week's notice I was informed that the woman was going o/s and the husband staying and that they would only pay for one person to be there while she was away. I've always worked on the premise that one rents a place and pays whether one goes on holiday or not. This led into a difficult debate with the result that I was maligned and threatened verbally by the man who was staying on. She left the next morning . There has been no verbal communication - I felt vulnerable and in shock. The problem is that this couple can be funny and interesting and we go back awhiles - and they operate in some of the same circles I go to from time to time. They have informed me and refused to pay the initial agreed amount- rather they paying alot less. - not with my agreement ...... any help to get them out would be appreciated

DATE SUBMITTED : Thursday, 4 August 2011
i have a flatmate on a lease an he is so lazy, i have to clean and do everything, i would like him out of the house, but is to lazy to even find his own place, help!

DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 26 September 2011
I have a housemate who is 16, she drives me nuts, she barely cleans, leaves old rotting food around, has mental episodes and sleep problems and thinks buying clothes and makeup is more important than paying the small amount I ask off her per week. She is also suppost to be a student " but hasn't gone in months" . She just quit her 1 day a week job because shes to lazy. She blew up my microwave, breaks all my glasses and leaves electronics/heater etc on while going out. I am now 6 months pregnant and have a 4 year old, Shes not on the lease so I'm about a week or less off kicking her out. Not to mention I could rent her room out for more money per week to someone who cleans and who actually pays their rent! I hate people who take advantage of kindess.

SUBMITTED BY someone random
DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 11 October 2011
well, I have a really freaky freaky flatmate! She is very religious and mad! all the time she is talking to me about jesus and the hold spirits and things like that! she added me on facebook, and keep posting me same kinda of things! and also, some her friends added me ... to find out later that she created these profiles to talk more about jesus!!!!! and I told her many times that I am not intrested but she doesnt understand! well, she considering me as her best friend now!!!! and I barely know her!!! she freaking me out!!!! and I am afreaid to lose my temp and give the b@@@@ slap someday!!!! help!!!!

DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 11 October 2011
I'm starting to get stressed out with my living situation. I moved in a few months ago, and it started off ok, but now I'm freaking out. The house is an older house but clean and well maintained, but it's small with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Right now there are 3 people living here including myself. The older man is the landlord and doesn't live at the house the whole week. The other housemate is closer to my age and is clean only when the other housemate is around. Then he'll leave piles of stinky dishes in the sink and never cleans. He lives the garbage bags brimming with trash when it's his week. He also drunk dialed me at 3 am when I had to wake up really early the next morning and I was non -functional the next day!!!! I'm getting upset, and the landlord has a good relationship with the other guy. I talk and socialize with them every now and then but now I find that someone else is moving into the living room. I'm so stressed out. I'm not in a financial situation to move out, and I know that not every living situation is perfect, but I was getting stressed out already and now there's going to be less space. I am female and will have to live with 3 guys!!! I don't know how I'm going to cope and manage this. I'm so upset.

DATE SUBMITTED : Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I have had a problem housemate - they have moved out but are still on the lease and their name is on the bond.

I want to sign them off it all and keep the bond for the rent they owe so there is no hassle getting everyone together to get the bond back when the lease finishes.
I am happy to transfer whatever he has already payed of the remaining rent (ie 2 weeks of the 4 weeks bond).

Is this possible?

DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 18 October 2011
I offered my sister a room in my house for a couple of weeks only, until she found a job. Her girlfriend ripped her and our family off thousands of dollars, so I felt sorry for her. Even after she left me overseas by myself to run back to her girlfriend because the girlfriends sister/ mum (she didnt know which one) was dying. They are both very much alive and never been in hospital.
Well 4 months later she is still here. She has only paid $300 of rent in that time ( I pay $350 a fortnight) and everytime, Ive had to ask her for it for days.
She uses everything of mine and I mean everything. Even my towels which have my name embroided on them. She does absolutely nothing in terms of housework. She buys nothing that contributes to the household and complains when I ask for the house to myself. She whinges constanly that noone helps her (it was my friend that got her a job). She does nothing at home other then sit around all day reading my magazines.
She is my oldest sister and is 34 years old. I want my house back.

DATE SUBMITTED : Wednesday, 26 October 2011
My old mate Luis had to evict a younger man from his rental accomodation, in Melbourne's South-Eastern suburbs. This man's name was Jamee and Jamee was constantly drinking goon juice(cask wine) every day, refused to lift his finger for any household chores and to make matters worse, the Landlord was an old arrogant wog pig that refused to do any repairs to the property.
Then one night in June, Jamee got himself blind drunk and rung Luis up demanded to be picked up at the train station at midnight, Luis refused. Somehow Jamee got back home and then set to deliberately burn down the kitchen, Luis confronted Jamee in anger and threw a punch in the kitchen cupboard, Jamee cried like a little spoilt baby and Luis told him to get out straight away.
Luis also contacted the local Police and successfully got Jamee evicted and kept his remaining rent for repairs & storage fees.

DATE SUBMITTED : Wednesday, 26 October 2011
Hi, I moved in with my new boyfriend we both signed lease n bond in both names we lasted 5 weeks he tried to make me leave but he has just left, he punched a hole in the wall messed the place up no respect. How can I get him off the lease he is refusing to sign bond over into my name And give me keys back until I give him cash for bond. He has left some things here. Please help !!

DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 30 October 2011
Hi, my aunt allowed me and my younger sister, Alex, who just got into college to live in her apartment while her family is away. They moved to Canada but sometimes come home during the holidays. She made me the landlady, though not in writing, so I can manage her apartment and her other tenants living in the building. Alex asked my aunt to let her best friend Mia stay with us since they would be going to the same college. My aunt agreed given that Mia pay monthly rent even without deposit. We thought she could help pay some of the bills.
It's been 5 months but I've already give up on Mia. I'm six years her senior and her "acting" landlady but she never listens to me. Her payment is always late, even though her mom sends her the money on time. She keeps trying to break my rules to suit herself, even getting my sis into trouble. Given she is 17, can I send her out of the house? She has relatives in the city but they said they don't have enough living space for her, and second term is about to start. please help.

DATE SUBMITTED : Thursday, 24 November 2011
Hi, I have read some of your comments and I dont know what to think. I am stuck in a similar situation. I broke up with my boyfriend 3 months ago and we were due to move in together so that fell through. But then my aunt who was supposed to move in when I moved out just moved herself, all her possessions in the world, her odd eating habits and her lazy cat into my house and totally took over. She is a nightmare, and I cannot afford to move out plus its my family home so I dont really want to. She doesnt seem to get that I want to be on my own at the moment to try to start over, she never leaves, only works 2 days a week and her stuff is everywhere. HELP I need to get her out, but she is family and I really dont want to cause an argument.

DATE SUBMITTED : Wednesday, 21 December 2011
Renee, seek legal advice! There are various community legal centres and tenancy tribunals and it sounds like you are probably needing to seek an intervention order.

DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 21 February 2012
It is surely very uncomfortable feeling to have some one doesn't have same respect and discipline you have, it doesn't matter house mate or mating mate.

I have a girl moved into our house 5 weeks ago, we were giving her a favour of settling into new environment and giving her family touch.

Apparently, after 2 weeks, i cann't wait to tell her to find her own place. She doesn't need any of our courtesy, she is lazy and tight with money. selfish.

DATE SUBMITTED : Thursday, 23 February 2012
My housemate owes me 870 in rent and bills I've askd her to leave but she makes excuses and wont leave!!!!! Her names not on the lease.. Any idea what I can do legally?????? She doesn't work, lives on the doll, while I work 6 days a week! Help!!!

DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 4 March 2012
I also agree with the first reviewer. This is the worse advice I have ever read.
The best solution is to directly talk to your housemate about the issues that are bothering you. If your housemate does not listen, just have a cordial relationship until the contract ends, and if you don't get along, it is unlikely that the other person will sign the lease for another year. You can also just leave the house. But, do not touch things that do not belong to you or don not do things to annoy your housemate, just let them know what you are unhappy about. Not doing their dishes was a good advice though. I said this advice was the worst I ever read because considering a law suit or even mentionning the police as if they could do anything (even as a last resort) is a proof that the author of the article has not thought about the eventual consequences of such an advice. Following this advice, you will lose more time and money.

DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 1 April 2012
All these stories sound so much like my former housemates. I moved into my fiancees house about 2 years ago and they were already living here, as they were his sister and her boyfriend. They would constantly fight with each other (loudly), never paid for any bills, only paid $75 per fortnight between them (and even then it was hard to get it out of them), they could never hold down a job because they were constantly getting fired or just didn't want to work, and when they finally moved out the first time they left all their stuff behind for months on end. Then about 6 months later they broke up, they were two months behind on the rent where they were, so me and my partner agreed to let his sister move back in, bad idea because about a week after she moved back she asked if her then ex could move back with her. We didn't say yes or no, he just moved back and before long things were back to the way they were before they left. They finally got jobs around the same time i started shift work. That was not fun at all. Try sleeping during the day when you have someone walking past your door about 20 times every 5 minutes wearing hard soled shoes on hardwood floor, hearing the kettle being boiled 100 times a day, hearing doors being slammed just through plain ignorance. Not to mention he never did anything around the house and when he did something so small such mowing the lawn once a year if you did not notice they both would get shitty and storm off into their room like little children. If you critized her level of acceptable housework she would do the same thing (storm off to room open door then SLAM. Door closed) Often this would cause some problems between me and my fiancee because if his sister didn't like something i did or said she would go and dob me in to him and he would get stuck into me but thankfully he wised up to that pretty quick and tell her if she didn't like something i did or said she should just tell me. Then one day i finally snapped i'd had enough, i was so sick of them coming home sitting on their behinds using all our power and appliances so i took the kettle and electric heater. HAHA. As soon as i got home they asked me where they were, i said i didn't know. So they told my partner and he got stuck into me again and i told him why i did it. He agreed with me that they had to go. So we spoke to them that night, they got huffy because they thought they were the perfect housemates and about two weeks later they were gone and we told them this time that anything they left behind became ours. So if you want someone out of your house give them a date in writing and if they haven't left by then change the locks and their stuff becomes yours free to sell on ebay!!!

DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 29 April 2012
Packing up your housemate's stuff and telling them to leave is bad advice. To begin with, even entering the "private" part of the house that your housemate rents could be considered criminal trespass unless you have prior permission. Furthermore, if you "pack" your housemates' things, they could hold you civilly liable for anything they claim is missing or damaged.

Finally, I cannot speak for every State and city, but at least in California, you cannot evict someone without going through the complete legal process, which requires the advice of a lawyer to be safe. Telling a housemate "to leave" might get you fined or worse.

The advice about "calling the police" is just ridiculous. The police are not going to evict anyone without a court-ordered notice of eviction.

SUBMITTED BY Paul stephens
DATE SUBMITTED : Friday, 18 May 2012
I have a flatmate who has been living with me and my gf about 3 years I have asked him to move out numerous times and still hasn't I've in Canberra what can I do

DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 5 June 2012
Haha I just got a new housemate and I'm suckin up the most bullshit irritating thing ever. Her boyfriend thinks he can stay for weeks straight here rent free. Mess everything, use every dish possible there is in the house, park his f&(;($@ car on the drive way all the time blocking me and my other roomy in constantly however the land lords comin on the weekend and I happen to be close mates with them so goodbye fuck*^s

DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 18 June 2012
I live in a house-share at the moment and cannot afford much else as i have lost my job, but i think i have the housemates from HELL, the house has 6 rooms, all rented out, one small kitchen and one small bathroom, right next to my room.
in all but 2 of the rooms the people are fine, but two rooms are infested with chavs, i dont even know whos name is down on the room as there is constantly like 5 people or more in each room, theyre extremly noisy, loud music shouting arguing, having chavvy teenage girls with no makeup mens clothes and tied back hair over all the time, they slam every door, they smoke like trains, and not just cigarettes, but weed and meth. theyve had a drugs baron come in a beet one of them up knock angrilly on everyones door(including us tht dont do drugs) demanding where is my money, theyve had fights, they never lock the front door, theres sometimes over 20 people in each room, they made a whole in the wall downstairs, broke the bathroom doors lock, they were so high on who knows what once that they missed the toilet, and not peeing... the other thing! and then they didnt clean it up for days! they leave used condoms everywhere, and they NEVER buy their own food, they always helping themselves to other peoples things from the kitchen and bathroom, never doing an washing or cleaning up, the kitchen is full of trash, we all cant buy milk or anything simple now as they help themselves. being next to the bathroom i have to hear all kinds of things, the guys have sex with girls that are like 14 agains my bedroom wall, and then complain when i turn the music up loud so i cant hear it :| since they have moved in i havnt got one piece of mail, ive been expecting important cheques, letters from relatives that said they sent money too, job applications and other important stuff. the landlord is totally reluctant to get involved, honestly all he cares about is the money, one time some of these chavs stopped paying in one of the rooms downstairs, and then he evicted them, but then some of the people who were living with them put their name down for the room instead and the ones he "evicted" are back there living in that room with them too!! he doesnt care as long as he gets money. oh and last night they decided to light their fags in the toaster and set fire to it a 5 :30 am.... i have GOT TO GET OUTTA HERE!

DATE SUBMITTED : Thursday, 26 July 2012
I already have two young children and another on the way, my partners mate was litteraly put out in the cold so I offered for him to stay a while with us and pay rent for his room not on the lesse or anything else, however he happens to bea bloody lazy piece of work, goes to my partners mum saying how much I dont like him or my partners other mates ( after being told to sht th F up in your home you wouldnt either) continually interrupts my partner and I whenwe have an argument told me he told my partners mum im pregnant (didnt want to say anything untill 12 weeks) at 7 weeksthen denies it when I brought it up infront of my partner, talks my partner into going to night clubs etc even though I obviously cant go, tried getting my partner to buy a buggy when we dont even have a family carto do anything in, yet im thehorrible person because I told my partner he needs to go, if it wasnt for me mentioning he needs a place to stay to my partner he would be on thebloody streets. NEVER HAVE HOUSEMATES i want this user and abuser gone, he startsfights with absolute randoms because he thinks he can win them all. To bad if a random followed him to thehome MY CHILDREN SLEEP IN and does something. So over this crap

DATE SUBMITTED : Friday, 27 July 2012
I live in a student share-house with 5 people. 4 of us get along fine. But the fifth housemate is an absolute nightmare. She never does her chores, never does any washing, and never has a shower. I don't even think she brushes her teeth because they are brown and look like they are rotting out of her mouth! I can barely talk to her because the smell of her breath makes me gag whenever she so much as opens her mouth. And if she sits on the couch for even a few minutes, the couch will smell like stale BO and crotches for days on end.

To make it worse, she goes to counseling for some mental problems...though I don't know exactly how much of it is real and how much of it she makes up, because her "mental illnesses" seem to change each week. One week she said she had bulimia, another week it was schizophrenia, another week is was bi-polar depression, and so on. It just seems like she's making alot of it up in order to get attention and/or have someone tell her how "unique" she is.

And it's ALL SHE EVER WANTS TO TALK ABOUT. She will CONSTANTLY discuss the mental illnesses she thinks she has, the abuse she (supposedly) went through as a child, her obsession with blood and her hatred of human beings, the many suicide attempts she has made, and is always telling me and the other housemates that she wants to kill us (and the various ways she would do it). She goes to pubs and gets into fights and seems to REVEL in the fact that such behavior makes her "tough" and "interesting", and doesn't seem to realize that not only is her behavior inappropriate, but it's downright bizarre and even dangerous.

It's getting to the point where I'm starting to fear for my own safety and the safety of the other housemates. I haven't said anything to her because I'm genuinely worried by what her reaction will be. And since we aren't allowed to put locks on our doors, I don't particularly fancy waking up to a knife at my throat or my laptop on fire or something equally terrifying.

I don't know what to do though. She is on the lease and is just as much an equal housemate as the rest of us. So how do we get rid of her? Quite frankly, I think she either needs to be institutionalized or live at home with her parents who can care for her.
Do I tell the real estate agents? The landlords? Do I tell the housemate that her behavior is scary (even though she might respond negatively)?

DATE SUBMITTED : Thursday, 9 August 2012
I live in a shared house with 2 other girls in the basement and while I became really good friends with one housemate, the other one was exactly as you described in your article (won't clean up, uses our stuff, disregard to personal boundaries, leaving her blood stained panties hanging in the common area to 'dry' for a week etc.etc)

I solved our little problem by becoming insufferable myself. I started off by constantly confronting her. Calling her out on everything she did. Accusing her of stealing and asking her for payment. To be short, I was a total bitch to her. Since the rest of the house was sick her stealing stuff, they joined in and helped me in alienating the girl and making her feel unwelcome in the house. I even asked some of my guys friends over and loudly pointed out what a thief the girl was outside her bedroom door.

I don't feel comfortable being mean to someone, but sometimes, it is the only solution. Fight fire with fire as some would say.

DATE SUBMITTED : Thursday, 16 August 2012
Wow these housemates sound like the girl I am living with. When I met her she seemed really nice, worked full time a t a good job, seemed quiet and was studying. She was happy with the share of the rent and the bills and had no problem that I had a cat, which I made clear from the beginning.
She moved in and everything was fine and 2 months later, she sends me a message to say she is no longer paying for cable TV as she doesn't watch TV. OK this is fair enough but she did know this from the beginning I had cable.
There was suddenly a lot of men coming over that she would randomly pick up in bars. I don't mean one or two, I mean quite a lot! I am open minded and don;t mind this but when it is nearly every weekend it gets a bit much.
She is a bulimic and exercise junkie which is only a problem as she smells. The toilet stinks due to vomit and she leaves her gym clothes around which reek.
She doesnt cook but juices weird concoctions and leaves stains around the kitchen.
Her idea of cleaning is mopping with a filthy mop and cleaning the toilets. But at times she doesn't do this.
She takes my food then sometimes replaces it. People have been over in the early hours of the morning which is fine but I work on weekends and need sleep. When I have discussed she doesn't care and says "she wants to live".
Doors are open and unlocked and reckons I am paranoid; she breaks my stuff and her reply " I honestly don't care"; she doesn't buy any household stuff so I foot the bill most of the time. The last straw was I found out the spare set of keys were missing and she had given them to her friend. When I confronted her about it, she said "your mum has a set" Yes but she is my mum and only comes in once a year and she knew about it.
I have had enough, she is the most selfish, thoughtless, narcisstic and laziest person I have ever met.

SUBMITTED BY setempocact
DATE SUBMITTED : Friday, 17 August 2012
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DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 26 August 2012
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SUBMITTED BY preommele
DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 24 September 2012
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DATE SUBMITTED : Thursday, 20 December 2012
I have a housemate that isn't getting the picture- she won't be proactive about finding another place- I'm pretty much trying to get her a new place on my own, I love the house I'm in and my name is on the lease- she is from Africa and had murdered people in the past (she reckons about 20 people) I want her out so I can have my house back when she moved in I told her (in front of people) that it was only temporary cos I had family coming over to stay and she won't have a bed... She's on holidays now I'm tempered to put her stuff out side and lock the house up when she comes back (she doesn't have a key as we don't usually lock the house as its a safe town to live in) I want her out! Ive talked to her and reminded her that this was only for a few weeks it's turning into months - I've lost my home and I don't know how to get it back!

DATE SUBMITTED : Thursday, 14 February 2013
My partner and I both have Aspergers/ADHD and we live with another guy whose name is not on our lease even though we have told the real estate that he is here.

He is reliable in terms of paying the rent, contributing to his share of the utilities and food as well as taking responsibility for his cat and doing minimal amounts of housework however there are several issues that outweigh all of this and we want him out sooner rather than later as it's better to live on our own and have less money than tolerate the following..

1: Constant negativity and whinging
2: Constantly talking about violence
3: Acting authoritarian and telling my partner what to do all the time
4: Sticking his nose in areas that don't concern him in any way at all
5: Dragging us into all his drama with his ex girlfriend & her parents
6: Badmouthing my partner's family and other friends in our presence
7: Constantly going on about how he's going to send gay porn to his ex girlfriend's parent's place out of spite
8: Not pulling his ex up (when they were still together) for making loud noises when she visited
9: Constantly trying to include himself in activities (sex, toileting and showering are the only thing he doesn't try to join in on) we engage in either as a couple or with other friends and getting the shits when he's not invited
10: Expecting my partner to drive him and do things for him all the if my partner is some kind of personal assistant
11: Telling lies and spreading rumours about people we know and causing trouble with this

Ok I was working for a time until I developed some health issues unrelated to AS/ADHD, my partner is currently on disability and I was paying the full $520 in rent for the fortnight as my partner lost quiet a lot of money from his disability as I always did the right thing by declaring my earnings, the other guy was paying $150 per fortnight but I put my foot down and said it wasn't fair that I had to pay for almost everything and that he should pay at least $175 which is a third of the rent and there were dramas from that as he's good with paying his way as mentioned before.

The other reason my partner and I want him out is because we seem to fight more when he's around, mind you this guy mentioned "Oh I noticed that you and Tim are fighting more" and I just put it down to financial, work and health related stress until a few days ago when he left to supposedly do a job for a friend, I noticed that the fighting between my partner and I was reduced significantly and we are much happier, our cat is even more happier since his cat (his cat used to harass our cat big time) was moved to another friend's place and the unit is actually much cleaner since he hasn't been home.

We've allowed this clown to move in twice, the first time was a for about 2 months because he was virtually homeless and during the first stay he dumped this same girl and she caused nothing but trouble, she used my partner as a messenger boy and he almost had a meltdown as people with Aspergers do when they're under a lot of stress and pressure and this bitch (I suspect he was in on this too) even went as far as telling the housemate that my partner's mother hates me and when he was telling us this my partner knew it was a load a shit straight away however I didn't pick up straight away and got quiet upset but after speaking with my partner I did remember some comments that were made before that statement and I can now see that he was trying to cause trouble...why else would somebody share that kind of information?? I also spoke with my partner's mother and she was horrified and stated to me that she would never have allowed me to live in her home if she disliked me (we lived at my partner's parent's place for 12 months) nor would she have actively supported our relationship this lead me to ask this housemate to leave the first time which my partner agreed with and things went back to normal.

The second time we had this person move back in my partner felt sorry for him...again!! So he invited him to move back in which I wasn't overly happy about especially considering what happened last time but this time he was back with the ex but the other problems we had from last time were happening all over again....If there was a time when I really wanted to choke my partner this was it! Though I will say that he is learning from this...THANKFULLY!

At the moment we are trying to get in contact with this housemate to see where he's at in terms of where he's living because before he left for this supposed job he spoke about moving to the same house his cat is currently staying but he hasn't got back to us, we've tried to contact several members of his family and found out they hadn't heard from him (so they say) and his stupid ex who wasn't very helpful either...We need to know (and have the right to know) if he's planning to come back here and stay until our lease runs out in August (Boy I hope not!) or whether he's moving out...I said to my partner if he doesn't contact us by this weekend we'll assume he's moving out and proceed to move his stuff (still in boxes and bags) out of the spare to the lounge area and give him 2 weeks to come and collect it and give back the spare key, if he doesn't do any of that we'll firstly change the locks (with the landlords consent and our door needs fixing anyway) load his stuff into our car and dump it on his mother's doorstep!! It may be harsh but our names aren't Doormat 1 and Doormat 2 and the message we want to send is that we aren't here to be used for someone else's convenience.

Will we ever be allowing him to move back in again?? NO WAY, NEVER AGAIN!! We've helped this dick out twice, we've learned and we're not up for a third run of his bullshit.

DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 30 March 2013

SUBMITTED BY camillebroadbent
DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 30 March 2013
i know what its like having a house mate i moved out of home with a friend and she goes to work and leaves me to do all the house work. the only thing she does is the cooking and leaves the dishes for me to do the next morning before i go to the gym. i am always late for gym cause i am doing everything. i am going through a had time so my parents thought she would a good house to be with but she calls me names too i want out

DATE SUBMITTED : Friday, 21 June 2013
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DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 16 July 2013
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SUBMITTED BY Frustrated housemate
DATE SUBMITTED : Thursday, 8 August 2013
I have read through most of these and I'm glad I'm not alone. Let me start I found a guy to rent my room for $750 a month and I said I'd pay bills but he took that for granted and my bills tripled at the minimal. I changed company's and has a bill for 2 weeks I wasn't there and it was more Than what I used in a month. I decided not to put his name on the lease so I could kick him out and make the decisions. He moved in during exams and made me so stressed I'm developed cold sores every where. He wouldn't leave me alone and I would snap at him and say I'm studying. I decided to write a letter and explain I'm not paying his amount in bills and told him the rules as all the furniture belongs to me and my family. I told him he owes me this much money for everything as well as petrol money as I helped him move in. Have I seen this money nope! My friend gave him a queen bed and delivered it for $150 that was 3 months ago and she keeps asking him for money and tells me to tell her he will get it to her next time she's over except that's like every day. And the fact I say to contact her. I am allowed a small dog but he refuses to listen to me and say he's bring his Labrador down and we don't have a back yard so it's not coming inside and ruining my expensive furniture. I also came home after a weekend away and te garage door was wise open and the door wasnt locked he had been away for 3 days and was the last one there. Thank fuck (excuse my french) nothing was missing and it hadnt looked as if anyone had entered! Now to come to the worse part he told me he would move into the garage and he had to girls who would move into his room to make rent cheap. Currently one girl I bumped into in my bathroom today who I had no idea was here is still here. I have told him no and the landlord hasn't replied to see if he was aloud to go on to the lease as I'm keen to move out and leave him with an empty expensive house. I also make my bes a certain way and came back one weekend and it wasnt made the way i make it, how disgusting someones been sleeping in my room. hes a fat pig, eats my minimal food, doesnt clean up, sleezss on my friends, smokes and expects me to drive him 800 meters to the supermarket.Rent is due next week and bills were due this week and I can't afford to pay anymore as I'm now put of pocket. I'm afraid he won't pay as he said I just bought new tires for my car so I can't afford the bills ill get it to you at the end of the week. My response, hello I just got let go and you losted your license so why worry about new god dam tires! Do I have a right to get my friend who works at a law firm to right up he has so many days to vacate and he owes this much in money or ill take legal action or what is the best option? My Friends have even spoken to him about it to him! We play for the same football netball club so I don't want to have him bad mouth me to all my team mates (that's how we met) so I'm so confused and stressed. I tried to be mature and ignore it for 3 months but I can't do it anymore and he honestly gives me pimples because I have never had facial problems until now :(

DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 16 November 2013
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DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 30 November 2013
I live in Victoria (this applies to Victoria only). Our (two co-tenants) housemate stopped paying "rent" and bills a few weeks ago and kept promising to pay and then not doing so. He was just hiding in his room avoiding us - leaving 7AM coming home 9PM and closing his door. Didn't really know what to do, presumed would have to go through the nightmare of VCAT application, getting an eviction order etc. Did some research and learnt all about the legal difference between a tenant and a licensee. As there was no sub-lease whatsoever to speak of, he was not a tenant, just a licensee with NO RIGHTS whose "license to occupy" could be revoked on the spot at which point he would become a trespasser as per the Fair Trading Act. Decided to clarify this in writing straight away and had him sign it - doubt he could have cared less about the difference. Didn't have the heart to kick him out on the street though so gave him 3 days to find emergency accommodation & took his front door key back. Said he'd broken up with his GF and not speaking to his parents - nowhere to go. Next afternoon come home and he's there in his "bedroom"- actually MY lounge room - with his GF and other friends having a great old time! Finally totally lost my temper, told him to get out there & then and called the police. He ran away pretty damn quick when the police were called. Been 3 days have not heard from him. Not answering the phone. Put his stuff in the garage. The only thing not right here is that the police on the phone tried to insist that he "might" be a tenant and it was "probably" a civil matter. I kept repeating my legal advice was that he was a licensee not a tenant, had this in writing, no court in the Commonwealth would rule him as a tenant, and he was now a trespasser with no rights as his licence was revoked as covered by Fair Trading Act. THE POLICE DID NOT HAVE A CLUE what I was talking about!!! They kept referring back to the RTA 1997 and VCAT even though this was their responsibility now. I was about to ask them to get their own legal advice there & then, but by then my housemate had already driven off with his mates and the drama was all over. If you ever get into this situation - make sure your local police are up to date about trespass with regards to property law before you actually need to call them!

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